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Spa Manicure- $31 

1 Hour

A luxurious treatment for your nails, hands, & arms. Designed to eliminate dry skin by using a sea salt scrub with essential oils, followed by layers of vitamin enriched paraffin to seal in the intense hydration. Professional lotions or body butters are applied for the hand & arm massage. 


Gel Polish Manicure =  $38

(aka "Shellac Manicure")

1 Hour 

Gel polish combines the qualities of gel with the properties of polish. It's designed to dry instantly either with a UV or LED light & it can last anywhere from 10 days on weaker nails to a month on stronger nails! It will not smudge, keeps a lustrous shine for the duration of wear & it resists chipping longer than traditional polish.

Gel polish is quickly & painlessly removed using a professional electric file & appropriate gel polish bit. This eliminates soaking it off in acetone, which has a tendency to weaken & dry out the natural nails.

"Shellac" is a name brand of gel polish, much like "Kleenex" is a name brand of tissue. There are now 100's of quality professional options for gel polish, plus I can custom blend colors for your special occasion!


  Custom blended gel polish (left) designed to match traditional OPI polish (right).


Please remember to bring a pair of 
flip-flops for pedicures or make 
sure sandal straps DO NOT touch 
ANY of your toes!

All tools used are either disposable or sanitize-able. Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology prohibits the use of blades that slice, cut or shave the skin in order to remove calluses. Only podiatrists are trained & licensed to use these types of tools.

This is for YOUR safety! 

Salons using these razors put your safety in jeopardy, which could easily result in the transmission of diseases or infection ultimately requiring surgical amputation.

If you know of a salon using these razors, please report them to our State Board of Cosmetology immediately at (502) 564-4262!

Paraffin Pedicure
 = $50
LCN Urea Pedicure = $60
1 Hour

Custom tailored to meet the clients individual foot care needs in the most sanitary way possible. Feet are cleansed using hot, moist towels scented with assorted essential oils such as lemongrass & lavender. Calluses are safely reduced using a callus reducing serum.

A skin polisher is gently massaged onto the feet, which are then wrapped in hot, moist, scented towels. Liquid paraffin provides the necessary moisturizing benefits & is topped off with a foot massage using a special hydrating creme. You'll be amazed at the noticeable improvements on your first visit! 

               Patti's toes with custom blended traditional polish & tiny rhinestones.

Water Pedicure = $50
LCN Urea Pedicure = $60
1 hour

If you'd rather soak in water as opposed to using paraffin, we can do it in a safe, hygienic way with our custom made pedicure bowls. Using stainless steel tubs & no jetted whirlpool elements which harbor bacteria, you can enjoy a worry-free pedicure again! 



Nail Enhancements-
After a consultation, the appropriate product 
will be applied at the correct length according 
to your lifestyle.

 After a consultation, the appropriate product
 will be applied at the correct length according 
to your lifestyle.

*Includes polish color of your choice followed by cuticle oil & lotion.


Enhancement Removal 
= + $10 extra
(allow 1 hour just for soak off time)

Soaking product off safely at the salon in preparation for a new set of enhancements, gel polish or spa manicure requires time, expertise & use of materials.


                                  French Manicure polish does NOT cost extra! 

Gel Polish over Enhancements + $10 extra 

Full set of Extreme or Acrylic Enhancements w/White Tips = $55
*w/Tips & Polish = + $5
1 Hour

Fabulous French nails that have a thin, natural 
look & feel, but without the maintenance of bi-weekly fills
. Visit only once a month for this French look & soak them off with pure acetone at home (or have them soaked off at the salon for $10 extra).

Finished off with a glossy clear UV coat that dries instantly, plus application of cuticle oil & lotion to keep your skin looking great!

                                  Extreme nails with UV clear coat dries instantly! 


Full set Acrylic sculpted nails (clear or pink powder) = $60
 w/polish = + $5 
1+ hour
Sculpting requires the use of paper forms & custom creating the entire nail with acrylic liquid & powder. Once the acrylic dries, the form is peeled away & discarded. then the nail is shaped & buffed. This method works best for nail biters, whereas tips tend to pop off. This is also optimal for people who have a very high arch to their natural nails.


2 to 3 week Fills =  $38
*3 to 4 week Fills =  + $10 

1 Hour

After 2-3 weeks when your enhancements 
grow out, new product will need to be applied 
at the cuticle. The nails will be shaped & rebalanced with hangnails removed. 
2 broken nails are repaired complimentary with every fill.
 Polish color of your choice & topcoat, followed by cuticle oil & lotion.

(*3-4 week fills cost more due to extra product used & more lifting/damage being repaired)

                               Nails with 2 weeks of new growth at the cuticle area.

Overlays w/Polish = $50 

w/Pink + White dip = + $5

1 hour
Add strength to your nails without adding length 
by applying a thin layer of acrylic. This allows
 your nails to grow longer at their own pace by being protected.
 Polish color of your choice or UV clear coat is followed by cuticle oil & a squirt of lotion.

                    Carrie's nails with acrylic overlay & custom blended polish!

Temporary Tips = $50
1 Hour

For special occasions when you would like nails, 
but not the commitment! White tips are applied, followed by several thin layers of resin, topped with a clear UV gloss. Lasting from 
a few days to a week or longer with no damage to your natural nails as they come off.

                                    Whitney's bridal nails with Temporary Tips!

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