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Afternoons by appointment only. A waiting list is kept daily for cancellations & every effort will be made to get you in as soon as possible. Scheduling 1 month ahead is recommended. New clients are welcome by invitation.



                                 Salon Sanitation

    The utmost attention is given to sanitation & cleanliness by using a combination of disposable & sanitize-able implements. Hospital grade disinfectant is used to ensure against the transmission of Hepatitis, Herpes, MRSA, staph infections, along with other diseases spread by contact in salons.

     Hand washing using germicidal soap is performed by the client as well as the nail tech immediately before each service. Hand washing greatly diminishes the transmission of cold or flu viruses between the client & the nail tech. 


Question:  I just washed before I left the house. Do I still need to wash again?

Answer:  So did I & YES, we both still need to wash again because we've touched our purse, our face, car keys, door handle, steering wheel, salon door knob, etc. etc.

*If your last tech didn't practice hand washing before all services, then she/he is out of touch with this basic form of modern sanitation which prevents the spread of colds & flus. 


Question: Do I need to cancel if I'm not feeling well?

Answer: YES!
Please text me as soon as you begin feeling "under the weather". Every effort will be made to get you in once you're better & you won't be charged a late cancellation fee. 

*Being self-employed means I have NO sick pay, plus all of my clients must be cancelled & I lose income. This also disrupts clients lives since they've scheduled other things around their nail appointments. I will return the favor by giving you advance warning whenever I get sick, too!


Money is re-invested in education by traveling to professional trade shows, researching new nail care articles & by taking additional classes not required by the Ky. State Board of Cosmetology. 

As of 2013 the KY State Board dropped Continuing Education requirements for ALL licensed beauty professionals. There's not enough money in the state budget to fund more regular salon inspections & it's usually 2-3 years in between inspections.

No, the health department does not inspect salons. They inspect restaurants. 

Basically, it's "buyer beware" for the consumer, so do your due diligence researching nail salons & don't assume they all have your best interest at heart.


In case you were wondering why my pedicure tubs do not bubble & whirl.....

According to the New England Journal of Medicine - "Any type of pedicure tub or foot spa that circulates water can potentially become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria".

"Paraffin Pedi's" which are waterless, provide the best solution to avoid any potential problems, while stainless steel sinks provide the 2nd best solution.

So in an effort to keep your feet in lovely condition, I have chosen to give up the bubbles for a safer & super sanitary pedicure! 


                                               Salon Policies

To ensure that all clients stay on schedule, please arrive on time or a few minutes early for your appointment. Each appointment is booked on the hour, every hour.

For example, if you're 10 minutes late, then your service will conclude in 50 minutes so as not to inconvenience the subsequent clients. 

Abbreviated services will be performed in the time you've allowed, so the next clients' services can start on their scheduled time.

This is YOUR time to relax. For your comfort & the comfort of others (namely myself), this is a "CHILD-FREE" salon.

     Please make other appropriate childcare arrangements! 


:  All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Confirm prices when making your initial appointment, please.

No Tipping Policy:  
If you are pleased with your service, please refer all your friends & family to me or purchase the recommended home care professional products to maintain your desired results.

Sorry, but credit or debit cards are NOT accepted. Please feel free to use cash, gift certificates, or personal checks. 



Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice to allow enough time to fill that vacancy. If your appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged 50% of the price of the service, UNLESS the appointment can be filled by another client.  

The 2nd time for a late cancellation you will be charged 100% of your scheduled service.  No shows will be charged full price.  Payment for any missed services must be made BEFORE a new appointment can be reserved.

Question: What if I don't want to pay?

Answer: Then consider yourself fired & find a new nail tech.

Appointments are taken to accommodate YOUR busy schedule.
Running on time is very important to me, but every now & again it happens that clients nails need more work than expected. If bad nails force me to run late, I will text you an alert so you can adjust your arrival time to possibly run an errand or finish more work before departing for the salon. Your time is equally as valuable as my time.

Appointment cards are given to you to help as a reminder.  
Also a courtesy text is given the night before your appointment to help keep you on track. Ultimately, it is YOUR responsibility to either keep your appointment or cancel.  

Thanks for your help in running my salon in a smooth & professional manner!

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